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Forget about textbooks. Learn German the way Germans really speak

Lesson Overview

Have a look at the videos on Youtube

week 1

Introduce yourself and have your first conversation

week 2

Order in a restaurant and name dishes. Ask for the bill and pay

week 3

Make plans for your weekend

week 4

Go shopping and ask for directions, buy tickets for the train.

week 5

Talk about the past: what did you do yesterday?

week 6

Buy bread in a bakery and order takeaways

week 7

Plan a party, tidy up your house and learn more about speaking of the past.

week 8

Get to know new people, talk about holidays and the weather.

week 9

Search for a new flat, talk about sports.

week 10

Plan a trip, talk about family, write informal sms, order & pay online.

week 11

Where did I put my stuff? Talk about places, clothes and the gym.

week 12

You are not feeling well! Talk about your symptoms and get a treatment.

Check out the more detailed schedule incl. grammar: Detailed schedule