Week 1

Get to know each other, first steps

Conjugation of regular verbs and “to be”.
Articles “der, die, das”.


Week 2

Order in a restaurant and name dishes.
Ask for the bill and pay.

Conjugation of irregular verbs.

Alphabet song


Week 3

Make plans for your weekend.

Conjugation of irregular verbs and “to have”.
Expressing the negation.
Verbs with separable prefixes.


Week 4

Go shopping and ask for directions.

Buy tickets for the train.

Accusative case (“direct object”)

Article rules

Week 5

Talk about the past: What did you do yesterday?
Talk to your friend and flatmate.

Past of “to have” and “to be” (Präteritum)
Subordinate Sentence (because)
Adjective Declination

Week 6

Buy bread in a bakery and order “food to go”.
Learn different types of bread and express food allergies.

Verbs with Inseparable Prefixes
Subordinate Sentence (that and when)
Dative Case
Modal Verbs (can, must, want)

Describing the place of an object.

Week 7

Plan a party, tidy up your house.
Speak about the past.

Building of the Past I.

Regular and irregular verbs

Learn the past with a song.

Week 8

Get to know knew people.
Talk about holidays and the weather.

Building of the Past II
Numbers 20-100

Number song

Week 9

Search for a new flat, talk about sports.
Discuss problems

Comparative of Adjectives
Prepositions with Accusative

Learn the prepositions with a song.

Week 10

Plan a trip, talk about family.
Write informal sms.
Order & pay online.
Ask and give opinion.

Prepostitions with Dative
Possessive Articles

Learn the prepositions with a song.

Week 11

Where did I put my stuff?
Talk about places, clothes and the gym.

Two-Way-Prepositions (Wechselpräpositionen)

Week 12

You are not feeling well!
Talk about your symptoms and get a treatment.

Demonstrative Articles
Subordinate Sentence (if, when)

Colloquial Language